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Covid-19 Update

To comply with the social distancing rules we need people to email or phone to make an appointment so that we can ensure your safety & ours. We will try to reply quickly but due to the volume of calls /emails it is taking a little longer.

Opening Times

By Appointment ONLY.

Open to the public for pre-booked appointments ONLY.

Please call or email to request an appointment.


We are asked daily if we can make personal visits / estimates. We wish it could be different but at the moment we are unable to offer this service. We are happy to provide estimates via email if you forward pictures of your furniture to us.


I do receive a huge amount of emails every day and I will always give each one my full attention. I may not have time to get back to you personally but I really appreciate the time you have taken to email me. In most cases you will receive your response from Mrs H, and not me personally. Please do not be offended if we do not respond immediately we try very hard to reply as quickly as possible.

Meeting Craig

I am occasionally asked if I can arrange days out or if it's possible to meet me at the workshop to chat about the show. Mrs H is happy to arrange autographs and answer messages and questions about the show.

Enquiry Form

Please use this contact form for general enquiries, or upload a picture of your furniture for quotation purposes.